Thursday, September 20, 2012


Nothing really special about Thursday besides it is one day until FRIDAY!!! WOOT! lol So I recently joined Shade's school PTO. I KNOW it's a shocker but I'm trying to get in good with the community that we have decided to settle down in. Last night I vollunteered to help out at the schools open house and got to meet some awesome people. There were also those parents that just wanted to get in and out, and who could blame them. So our PTO is SUPER active and one thing that we do is Crayons for Cancer. And I thought, why not ask all of my knitter friends to donate! Duh! Because we all know you people are freaking AWESOME!! I also know, as a parent, we all have those broken crayons laying around. it also hurts when you step on them. NOT as much as stepping on a lego, OMFG you just want to chop your foot off after stepping on one of those F&^%ers! So I am asking you to PLEASE send me all of your old and broken crayons. You can Private Message me for my addy. Ravelry name is MonetB56 if you would like to pm me there :) and THAT IS NOT ALL! For every package I get I will enter your name into a drawing to win a $40 dollar gift certificate to my shop Shady Fibers or a $25 dollar gift certificate to Gritty Knits.- or a $25 dollar gift cert to the Loopy Ewe This will go all the way until the end of October. Thank you for helping me with such a worthy cause. :)

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